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1 year 11 months ago #14006

I recently give the pro bridle settings a try and I have attempted to reset the kite back to the default settings.

I have a question regarding the lines when you go back to the default setting you need to install 3 lines:
1 is very short and attaches (green in attached pic) to the kite at the second attachment point from the center
The other 2 are very similar in length but one is slightly longer than the other.

I took a guess and assumed the slightly longer one Attached to the kite at the closest point to the center (red line in attached pic) and the slightly shorter one was used to join the 3 lines together using the existing kite lines(blue in attached pic)

Could someone please confirm which position the slightly longer line (red line in attached pic) should be installed on the default setting?

Thanks in advance


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1 year 11 months ago #14007

Hi Matt,

I know it's clear now, but in case someone has the same doubt, the longer line would go on the red position on the attached pic (attached to the Leading Edge), the slightly shorter on the blue (attaching the longer line to the rest of the bridle) , and the short one on the green (attached to the leading edge and to the other 2 lines on the default bridle mode).

Don't hesitate to contact the support team (here, on the Griffin FB page or by e-mail) in case you need further assistance or you have any other question ;)

Happy to help ;)

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