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Yes! I would like one; a user guide. If only to down load and print or read on line. I do not understand what the 2013 TRX Promo description means by:


Turning: Super Fast, Fast, Slower

Recommended Settings:

Super fast turning, and the attachment point closer to the center
of the kite"

What! Please point to "Turning" on the kite; and then "Super fast, Fast, (and) Slower". What! Please point to "attachment point closer to center of the kite". Cut me some slack! And what does using the recommended settings do for me anyway?

How about providing a user guide for the 2013 TRX. How about including in it a description for bridle, front, and back line attachment points, and performance settings for kite and bar lines. I have two other kites. They do not assume I know the design elements, and provide brief yet detailed descriptions and diagrams of the kite and bar connections, use, and recommendations. And nothing on this Forum does that for the 2013 TRX...

Hope I don't bust my rear-end or break something this week figuring out my new 14m. Guess I'm lucky it's not a nine...

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I'm still using the TRX's 2012 (10, 14 & 17), but I've just ordered a TRX 2013 combo (9, 12 & 17).

I understand that the settings are the same (only turning speed and shoulder attachment).

Here you can find a setting guide for the TRX 2012: TRX Settings ans Features Guide

Maybe there are some small changes in TRX-Pro v7, but the general concept is the same:

Happy to help ;)
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5 years 6 months ago #287

Thanks much. Your diagram clears up some terminology issues. When using "turning speed", it is meant the rear line kite attachment points; and when using "shoulder" is meant, front line kite attachment points. I'm assuming the bar line attachment settings are the same as other kites; middle knot is mid-range 'angle of attack'/ foil angle. (Though the connector knots are odd. That is, non-standard for "US" made kites I fly; that use the girth hitch on all bar line attachments; not an overhand knot).

If the recommended settings are that of the web-link given, then my 2013 kite did not have those factory settings. My kite had the superfast turning setting; and I'll have to check the front line/shoulder setting again. Maybe that is why my well skilled, Slingshot biased, yet honest opinioned,lanky friend, and instructor for 12 years, kiter from the early days, was only okay with the performance. He likes to loop and pop off on his skim board; and the winds were ramping up and down that day between 10 and 15. I expected a better impression. I'll have to give him another run on it with the recommended settings...

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Also the recommended turning setting at the link ( ), and the recommended setting at the link ( ), are in conflict, if the fastest setting actually turn stalls the kite. Again, which setting is best for the non-pro on the 2013 TRX? I'm guessing at this point that the all round performance settings are as follows:

1) bar back line pigtails on middle knot
2) kite backline/turning speed setting on middle kite tag (not rear tag)
3) kite frontline/ shoulder connect point closest to the center of the kite

Am I right?

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5 years 6 months ago #289

The link I attached is relative to TRX-2012, not 2013. I only added to explain the different possible settings, not to use that recommended settings.

The recommended setting for TRX-Pro v7 2013 are the ones on the TRX-PRO v7 site:

Recommended setting for 2013 TRX:
2nd knot down on pigtails, fastest turning, shoulder attachment closer to center of kite, 25m Lines.

Turning: Super Fast, Fast, Slower

Riding Style Setting:
1) Further forward
2) Further back in the wind window
(Speed and pop or drift and power)

In the TRX-2012 Settings and features says "The furthest back setting ( some times known as fastest turning setting ) makes the kite stall turn, this can be good for pro wave riders, but is not good for kite loops strongest winds and riders that dont want to stall the kite on turns. So use the middle turning attachment point setting for all TRX sizes""

--> Is possible that it's the same for TRX-Pro v7 2013 (I have had any TRX-pro 2013 at the moment. Just waiting for them). Just try the middle turning speed attachment.

The bar back line pigtails make longer or shorter the rear lines (shorter lines when on the knot closer to the bar). Too short rear lines can make the kite back stalling. So if your kite is back stalling when using the super-fast turning speed attachment you can try to change to middle speed turning speed attachment, but you can try too to move the bar back line pigtails to the last knot (the farthest from the bar).

Happy to help ;)

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5 years 6 months ago #290

No problem Catalaussie. I know you are talking about the 2012. My questions about differences, and what are the performance settings for the 2013, were more for Chris if he jumps in on the conversation at some point. I still don't know what 'riding style setting' means, if referring to the kite attachments; and I'm assuming the two settings are referring to if you like the kite to ride further forward or further back in the wind window; for unspecified style purposes. I understand the 'turning setting' and 'shoulder setting', but 'riding style setting' is a third configuration of some unspecified attachment setting(s). But from a promotion and business perspective, costumers trying to cobble together how to use the kite from the mishmash of forum entries is difficult, and unsatisfactory; being left to figure it out on your own through trial and error is not a good a good sales motivator--Chris. I'd get a professional to put some instructions together and post it on the site...

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